accelerated phase

  • 加速期

accelerated phase的用法和样例:


  1. Methods : We have chosen 37 CML cases, including 27 chronic phase (CP), 5 accelerated phase (AP) and 5 blast crisis (BC) cases .
    方法:选取37例CML病人骨髓及口腔黏膜细胞的DNA标本,其中慢性期(chronic phase,CP)27例,加速期(accelerated phase,AP)5例,急变期(blast crisis,BC)5例。
  2. METHODS: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was used to detect FLT3 gen e expression, and FLT3/ITD gene mutation in 53 CML patients of chronic phase, an d 34 CML patients of accelerated phase or blast crisis.
  3. Background and objective:The natural disease history of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) typicallyevolves 3 distinct clinical stages: chronic phase(CP), accelerated phase and blast crisis.
    慢性粒细胞白血病(Chronic myeloid leukemia,CML)的自然病程可分为慢性期(Chronic phase,CP),加速期(Accelerated phase,CP)和急变期(Blastcrisis phase,BP)。
  4. Methods Five CML patients,2 in chronic phase(CP),1 in accelerated phase(AP) and 2 in blast crisis(BC), all comfirmed the presence of b3a2 bcr/abl mRNA by RT PCR(reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction).
    方法 5例CML中慢性期 2例 ,加速期 1例 ,急变期 2例 ,均具b3a2型bcr/ablmRNA。
  5. In malignant nephrosclerosis, the kidney demonstrates focal small hemorrhages. This is due to an accelerated phase of hypertension in which blood pressures are very high (such as 300/150 mm Hg).
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