accelerated growing network

  • 加速生长网络

accelerated growing network的用法和样例:


  1. These recent deployments of AB SCIEX mass spectrometry systems expand a growing network of systems, specialized software and test methods, developed specifically for China.
    AB SCIEX质谱系统最近的发展,增强了系统的网络功能、定制软件和测试方法,针对中国的应用特殊开发。
  2. By leveraging innovative technology solutions, AMD and a growing network of partners are committed to bringing about global connectivity and empowering people to improve their lives.
  3. Melilea International is now the youngest and fastest growing network marketing company in the region, with moree than 260,000 distributors and accumulative turnover vexceeding RM400 million.
  4. After passage,the pericytes accelerate growing,and come into logarithm growth period on the third day and flat period on the tenth day.
    传代培养后增长速度加快 ,第 3天进入对数生长期 ,第 10天进入平台期。

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