academic view

  • 学术观

academic view的用法和样例:


  1. The software analysis outcome accords with the academic view that giant panda has a closer relationship to the malayan sun bear than the red panda.
  2. The fundamental basis of Personal information protection is the right to information self-determination from both the academic view and the statute view.
  3. Summery:This thesis analyse and designate the definition of Elimination of The Last in an academic view,then analyse the influence of it on the corporations.
    摘 要:本文从理论的角度分析界定末位淘汰的定义,并分析其在企业中的作用;
  4. These theoretical explorations reflect the points and approaches of western scholars for a long time, not only a juicy in an academic view, but helpfully for us to understand the faction politics.
  5. This "double-standard" phenomenon happens to the same author with logistic impreciseness and self-contradiction,and different academic views among researchers also result in such phenomenon.
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