academic grouping

  • 学科分组

academic grouping的用法和样例:


  1. Carried out management to provide a ration, reasonable, efficient government tool for academic group and sale controller thereby.
  2. Attaining promotion in certain academic group is not only art acknowledgment of a university teacher's academic capability, but a requirement of his self realization.
  3. Long-term since, our country academic group and the Deng Xiaoping that publish recently are academic schoolbook all thinks Deng Xiaoping society expands power is reform.
    长期以来 ,我国理论界和新近出版的邓小平理论教科书均认为邓小平社会发展动力是改革。
  4. Examine brand fictile new approach to already became the focal issue that academic group and business circles pay close attention to jointly gradually afresh.
  5. Allocating by factor of production theoretic contributive allocation considers the element that cannot copy the west, can cause huge disorder in domestic academic group otherwise.
    在按生产要素分配理论上不能照搬西方的要素贡献分配论 ,否则会在国内理论界引起极大的混乱。

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