academic administration

  • (高等学校)教务处,学术行政管理处

academic administration的用法和样例:


  1. Such a multi-stratum management system undertakes tasks and functions of executive administration, academic administration and ideology administration.
  2. As the academic and cultural organizations in the society, universities are concentrated on academic administration which is their specific feature.
    大学作为社会的学术与文化组织 ,具有独特的内部组织结构 ,大学管理主要表现为学术管理。
  3. Under the current new circumstances, how to set up a credit system of academic administration has been widely concerned and has become the key point, hot point and rub for the current academic administration reform.
  4. Teaching files serve as an important part of college files, the efficient use of which is of great significance to the academic administration, teaching reform and the improvement of teaching.
    分析教学档案的作用和利用特点 ,提出做好教学档案利用工作的建议。 这对积极开展教学档案的利用 ,充分发挥教学档案在加强学校建设、促进教学改革、提高教学质量等方面的作用具有重要意义。
  5. During the period in America,they attended the ARVO Meeting,and took a view of the historic development and tendency of Optometry in U.S.A.. Theyalso learned some academic administration.

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