abutment span ratio

  • 边跨比

abutment span ratio的用法和样例:


  1. The parameters used in the analyses include rise to span ratio, slenderness ratio, steel ratio and load conditions.
  2. The roof of Nan-tong natatorium adopted the structure combined by arch and small rise/ span ratio truss and large overhanging steel-column.
  3. Point out that the figure of shear span ratio has important effect on the section feature and mechanics feature of the special-shaped section columns.
  4. In case the height span ratio is comparatively big, the shear strain and the moment of inertia of a beam bridge must be taken into consideration under vertical seismic force. In this study,we give the vibrational solution for such a bridge.
  5. Taking Shanghai Medium Ring Road Project as the project background, the paper discusses the forced characteristics of arc bottom and single box, multi cell box beam with greater width span ratio under transverse prestressed action.
    以上海市中环线工程为工程背景 ,讨论了宽跨比较大的弧形底单箱多室箱梁在横向预应力作用下的受力特性。

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