abstraction experiment

  • 抽象实验

abstraction experiment的用法和样例:


  1. Abstract: Experiment was aimed on studying the problems of mildewing and browning of dried persimmon during storage;the feasibility of using IMF technique to produce dried persimmon was also studied.
    摘 要: 对柿饼在贮藏过程中的防霉变、防褐变方法进行了研究,并试验了将制作半干食品的技术应用于柿饼贮藏工艺中的可行性。
  2. Abstract Experiments were performed on 40 adult rabbits immobilized with Flaxedil.
    摘要 实验在40只三碘季铵酚麻痹的家兔上进行。
  3. Abstract Experiments are done meticulously in laboratory for determining the possibili-ty of application of BGO crystal in coal nuclear well logging.
    摘要 在实验室内,对BGO晶体在煤田测井中应用的可能性进行了较细致的实验。
  4. Abstract: Experiments for drapability and skirt piece wavy modeling are carried out by selecting two sets of heavy and light fabrics, with analyses made on the results.
    摘 要: 选择厚薄两组不同面料进行悬垂性和裙片波浪造型实验,并对实验结果进行分析。
  5. There is an air of abstraction in her face.
  6. Abstract : Experiments on the torsional behavior of carbon fiber sheet (CFS) strengthened reinforced concrete (RC) box beams subjected to combined action of bending-shear-torsion are performed.

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