abstract formal model

  • [计] 抽象形式模型

abstract formal model的用法和样例:


  1. Syntactics is a subject to study abstract formal connexion among the signs.
  2. Finally, the author proposes a formal model of discourse construal from a generative holistic perspective.
  3. TUGEN integrates the features of data-flow and control-flow test and is based on a formal model called EBE, which specifies only the external behavior of a protocol.
    测试集自动生成方法的研究是协议一致性测试领域中比较活跃的一个分支。 提出了一种基于EBE模型,集成数据流和控制流测试的新的协议测试自动生成方法并给出了其实现TUGEN。
  4. The definitions of 3A (Any time, Any place and Any device) utilization mode are presented and a formal model of user and service grid system (USG) is built using ASM.
    给出了用户3A (Anytime, Anyplace and on Anydevice)使用模式的定义,利用抽象状态机(ASM)理论对用户和服务网格系统进行形式化建模,并证明了服务网格3A使用模式定理。
  5. ESTELLE LOTOS SDL UML and MSC are introduced. After analyzed SDL system structure communication mechanism and data type, we use SDL toolkit Telelogic Tau to develop our formal model.
    然后本文采用SDL规范,利用Telelogic Tau软件对传输协议进行形式化开发,包括协议形式化描述、仿真、和验证。

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