absorption cycle

  • 吸收循环

absorption cycle的用法和样例:


  1. Thus, the advantages of spray absorber and absorption cycle with spray absorber were verified further which would provide a basis of practicality in commerce.
  2. Along with the extension of absorption cycle, the rate of product will rise to some extent while the C2+ content will rapidly climb.
  3. A new type of lithium bromide/water absorption cycle (Single-Effect/Double-Lift Absorption Cycle)has been developed. It can provides large cooling capacity with lower heat sources output temperature compared with traditional models.
    文章提出了一种可以充分利用低温热源 (水、汽等 )驱动而获得较高制冷量的新型吸收式制冷循环 (单效 /双级循环 )。
  4. The Carnot analysis method was proposed for the simplification of the thermodynamic analysis of the absorption cycle,by the comparison of the absorption cycle and the compression cycle.
  5. A comparison of coefficient of performance (COP) of the new double-effect NH3-H2O absorption cycle was made with those of for the traditional single-effect and doublestage cycles.
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