Absorbing boundary conditions

  • 吸收边界

Absorbing boundary conditions的用法和样例:


  1. It is proposed firstly in this paper that the full space calculation model and mixed absorbing boundary conditions (ABCs) based on MUR-PML.
  2. A new kind of absorbing boundary conditions based on the theory of generalized Z domain absorbing boundary conditions (Z ABCs) for the 3D TLM SCN method is presented.
    基于 Z变换透射边界条件的统一理论
  3. The Murs absorbing boundary conditions (ABCs) of the second order and the ABCs based on the concept of field average are applied at the terminating boundary mesh nodes.
  4. The absorbing boundary conditions to avoid the artificial boundary reflections must be required in the numerical simulation of seismic wave propagation.
  5. As one important sub-algorithm of BOR FDTD, Perfect matched layer absorbing boundary conditions (PML ABCs) algorithm with split field components is presented for the first time, which greatly simplified computational process.
    作为BOR FDTD中的一个最重要的子算法,首次提出了非分劈场量的完全匹配层吸收边界条件(PML ABCs),大大简化了计算过程。

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