absolute phase

  • 绝对相位

absolute phase的用法和样例:


  1. Abstract: Phase unwrapping is the process of determining the absolute phase given its principal value.
    文章摘要: 相位图像去包裹运算是三维形貌测量的重要环节,用于获得真实的相位分布。
  2. Results One of the 7 cases was misdiagnosed as absolute phase of the secondary glaucoma,and 6 of them as choroidal melanoma before the enucleation.
  3. In the generation and measurement of attosecond pulse using a few cycle laser pulse, the absolute phase of the laser pulse has been an important factor.
  4. A simple calibration model was developed for digital fringe projection profilometry (DFPP) based on absolute phase extraction and space mapping techniques to simplify the measuring system.
  5. APSK Absolute Phase Shift Keying
  6. That hill's an absolute doddle (to climb).
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