absolute growth

  • 绝对生长度

absolute growth的用法和样例:


  1. The change trend of absolute growth rate and relative growth rate were almost synchrony,and both exhibited monopeaks curve,but there was little difference in time when negative growth rate appeared.
  2. The results showed the instantaneous growth rates(IGR)of reciprocal hybrids(F_1)were lower than their parents,and the absolute growth rates (AGR)of them were between that of their parents.
  3. Methods The death from heroin abuse and population growth were counted from 1996 to 2002 in Chengdu with comparison of the absolute growth rate between two data,and characteristics about the death from heroin abuse were assayed.
    方法 统计成都地区 1996年至 2 0 0 2年吸食海洛因中毒死亡数、成都地区人口增长数 ,分析比较两者绝对增长率及吸食海洛因中毒死亡人员的构成特征。
  4. The turtle had good absolute growth at 3~(+) -4~(+) year old in body weight. There was high instant absolute growth in a carapace, plastron and body height at 1~(+)-2~(+) and 3~(+) -4~(+) year old.
    在其绝对增长率中, 体重增长最快的是在 3+ ~4+龄, 增长了 454 08g, 但其背 (腹) 甲长 (宽) 及体高增长较快的却是在 1+ ~2+龄和 3+ ~4+龄两个年龄
  5. But in 1999, there were two peak values of absolute growth ratio for aboveground biomass of grasses and sedges in cold season pastureland in June and August respectively, and the maximum was in July in warm season pastureland.
  6. Different lambing date lambs were grazing on the Songnen plain,which had varies of live weight development,such as Birth weight,Weaning weight,Absolute growth,Relative growth and Feeding period.
    松嫩羊草草地有非常明显的季节性,以松嫩羊草草地为主要放牧场的东北细毛羊因不同的产羔期而有不同的生长发育过程。 12、3和6月份出生羔羊的出生体重、断奶体重、绝对增重速率、相对增重速率及饲养周期存在差异。

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