Absence seizures

  • 失神发作

Absence seizures的用法和样例:


  1. CGZMT and CZP have a strong synergism on absence seizures.
    对于失神发作 ,CGZMT与CZP有较强的协同作用
  2. CGZMT has a positive antiepileptic effect,and its effect on generalized tonic-chronic seizures is better than that on absence seizures.
    CGZMT有肯定的抗疒间 性 ,对强直 阵挛性发作疗效优于失神发作 ,无明显毒副作用。
  3. During absence seizure induced by PTZ,the latency of active avoidance response was significantly prolonged. AAR positive rate was decreased by 85%. PER positive rate was increased by 56%,and escape failure positive rate was increased by 29%.
    癫痫发作中,戊四氮注射大鼠主动回避反应潜伏期(active avoidanceresponse latency,AARL)明显延长,AAR阳性率下降85%25,PER阳性率增加56%25,逃逸失败阳性率增加29%25。
  4. The multi-scale characteristics of the absence seizure was shown in the rhythmitic activities of Scale 12 (frequency corresponding to 3 Hz). Their EEG signals 10 s before and after onsets have been different from the normal.
    研究显示儿童失神癫?发作过程中脑电信号的多尺度典型特征主要表现为12尺度(对应频率3 Hz)的节律性活动显著增强
  5. Do you know the impressive seizures of drugs?
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