ablation rate

  • 消融率

ablation rate的用法和样例:


  1. Key words: laser ablation ;crystal spectrometer ;mass ablation rate ;plane layer target.
  2. The results showed that LDA/ Kevlar could decrease the ablation rate of the ablative material. The lowest ablation rate was made when bakelite/ asbestine were added together in a certain proportion.
    结果表明 ,联二脲、芳纶纤维单独和混合使用都能够降低烧蚀材料的烧蚀率 ,当以 7 5 /0 5的比例混合使用时 ,能够获得最低的烧蚀率 (线烧蚀率和质量烧蚀率分别为 0 1 4 6mm/s和 0 1 5 3g/s)。
  3. The results showed that the treatment of "NaClO acid + KH550 coupling" improved the composite properties remarkably with the interlaminar shear strength increased by 17.5% and the linear ablation rate decreased by 58.6% .
  4. Surface ablation rate is used to calculate reduction in thickness and rate of charring is used to measure the extent of charring.Third, Finite Difference Method is used for the numerical calculations.
    在计算烧蚀过程中吸收的能量时考虑 了烧蚀热和质量转移速率,在计算厚度的减少时采用了表面烧蚀速率 ,并用碳化速率来表示碳化程度。
  5. Keywords computer oxyacetylene ablation rate;
  6. Clinical Observe Made and Ablation Rate of Lung Cancer
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