Ability of learning and memory

  • 学习记忆

Ability of learning and memory的用法和样例:


  1. ABSTRACT AIM To investigate effects of Total Paeony Glycoside(TPG) on ability of learning and memory in mice.
    摘要 目的 观察赤芍总苷对小鼠学习记忆能力的影响。
  2. CONCLUSION It is suggested that TPG possess obvious improvement effects on ability of learning and memory in dysmnesia mice.
    结论 赤芍总苷对药物所致小鼠学习记忆障碍有明显的改善作用。
  3. Objective To observe the effect of Tongxinluo on the ability of learning and memory and the cAMP level in frontal cortex and hippocampus in mice with vascular dementia(VD).
  4. Objective: To study the effects of the alcohol extract of Loulu (AEL) on the ability of learning and memory in mice and on the activity of cholinesterase in brain and whole blood.
  5. This review mainly summarized anatomical position of MS, the relations between MS and hippocampus, MS and ability of learning and memory, and the related factors in this ch...

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