abalone culture

  • 鲍鱼养殖

abalone culture的用法和样例:


  1. It can be provided references for preventing the epidemic diseases by studying the distribution of vibrios in environment of abalone culture pond.
  2. In 1998, the lifting-box breeding technique was developed and 83.5% survival ratio was obtained. This promoted the development of abalone culture in Putian.
  3. Combined biofilters consisting of an ulva biofilter(UB),a polishing ulva biofilter(PUB) and a sand biofilter(SB) were developed for purification of the rearing water and effluent water in recirculating abalone culture system.
    采用水生植物滤池(U B和PU B)和固定膜生物滤池(SB)的复合净化模式,对鲍鱼养殖水体和系统排放水体进行净化,实现了循环水养鲍系统的清洁生产。
  4. After comparing the sensibility, economy and convenience, we considered that SMZ Compound among the anti-bacterial drugs was the most effective cure for the outer velum breaking disease in abalone culture industry. The curability is more than 80%.
  5. Abalone culture has important status in Fujian province aquicultue, and the quality of the abalone is one of the most important element in the development of abalone culturing.

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