a steady diet

  • 毫无变化的食谱

a steady diet的用法和样例:


  1. This is a result of poor food or a steady diet of high oxalate foods.
  2. A steady diet of price-off promotions lowers the esteem in which the consumer holds the product; can anything which is always sold at a discount be desirable?
  3. When McGrady and Alston became the Rockets' backcourt tandem Yao began seeing a steady diet of passes, and it enabled him to find a comfort level on the offensive end.
  4. The findings have scientists puzzling over how early black holes grew into the supermassive beasts they are today without a steady diet of gas, dust, stars, and other fodder.
  5. Yi plays in the low post more with the Chinese team because he has a size advantage when playing on an international stage than he does in the NBA, where he faces a steady diet of 7-footers.
  6. He did not to be tied to a steady job.

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