a skin graft

  • 移植的皮肤.

a skin graft的用法和样例:


  1. He had a skin graft on the burnt leg.
  2. DNT controls bleeding at the site of a skin graft, and may be used as a dressing, and does not delay healing or interfere with epithelization.
  3. Current best practice for serious wounds is to use a skin graft taken from a different part of the patient's own body -- but this is a painful process and creates a new wound.
  4. After primary treatment, the wound was covered with a skin graft, and a non-union of the radius and ulna developed which resulted in an unstable and angulated forearm.The wrist joint was stiff.
  5. Free flap transfers can be used to reconstruct the complex tissue deficit resulting from a deep burn that exposes bones, tendons, or neurovascular structures which are unable to support a skin graft.
  6. Scratching exacerbates a skin rash.
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