a single eye

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a single eye的用法和样例:


  1. You must judge the contest with a single eye.
  2. And actually during meditation, sometimes you see that eye, a single eye, just like your eye but just one single eye.
  3. OBJECTIVE:To measure the concentrations of levofloxacin in aqueous humor after a single eye dripping of drug and calculate the pharmacokinetic parameters.
    目的 :测定乳酸左氧氟沙星 (LVFX)滴眼液单次滴眼后不同时间兔眼房水的药物浓度 ,计算其药动学参数。
  4. Oscar the Cat awakens from his nap, opening a single eye to survey his kingdom. From atop the desk in the doctor's charting area, the cat peers down the two...
  5. By evening Perrault secured another dog, an old husky, long and lean and gaunt, with a battle-scarred face and a single eye which flashed a warning of prowess that commanded respect.
  6. The letter was written on a single sheet of paper.
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