a privet hedge

  • 女贞树篱.

a privet hedge的用法和样例:


  1. The little brick house that Ashley took for his family was on Ivy Street directly behind Aunt Pitty's house and the two back yards ran together, divided only by a ragged overgrown privet hedge.
    艾希礼在艾维待找到一所小砖房,就在这里安了家。 这所房子就在皮蒂姑妈房子后面,两家的后院紧挨着,中间只隔一道没有修剪的,显得很乱的水蜡树篱笆。
  2. Buying a house is the best hedge against inflation.
  3. He enclosed the land with a hedge.
  4. The word " traditional" implies that something has stood the test of time on its own merits and should be preserved -- red pillar boxes, duffel coats, marmalade, the August Bank Holiday, the pint, privet hedges, Wellington boots.
  5. It won't do to hedge your pupils in with a thousand dos and don'ts.

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