a plush hotel

  • 豪华的旅馆

a plush hotel的用法和样例:


  1. Good fortune strikes twice when Mike takes on two jobs at a plush hotel and romances two beautiful women: Dolores the female bullfighter and Margarita the hotel social director.
  2. While Kenyon talks business from a plush hotel in the centre of the Chinese capital, tongues wag at home about David Beckham's move from Real Madrid to the US to become America's best paid sportsman.
  3. He got a plush job in City Hall after his father pulled strings.
  4. a plush hotel, restaurant, etc
    豪华的旅馆、 餐厅等.
  5. Schroeder and Russian President Vladimir Putin exploited the photographers'fixation on the goings-on on the terrace of the plush Hotel Royal to wander onto the lawn.
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