a people s poet

  • 人民诗人

a people s poet的用法和样例:


  1. Article 5 Where a People''s Court re-adjudicates a case on which a final judgment has been rendered, the Contract Law does not apply.
    第五条 人民法院对合同法实施以前已经作出终审裁决的案件进行再审,不适用合同法。
  2. Where a people’s mediator cannot perform his duties, the original election entity or appointment entity shall conduct a makeup reelection or reappointment.
  3. If a case is ruled to be retried upon application of a party involved, the case shall be retried by an intermediate people’s court or a people’s court at a higher level.
  4. We are a people no longer subject to foreign rule.
  5. The lost child was led back by a people's policeman.

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