a mortal enemy

  • 不共戴天的仇敌

a mortal enemy的用法和样例:


  1. "A man who holds a sword in his hand, and sees a mortal enemy within reach of that sword, and does not fight, is a coward!
  2. Clearly, you don't want to make a mortal enemy of someone who will be in power for a while.
    显然, 你不会冒犯一个暂时还在当权的人。
  3. A mortal enemy;a mortal attack.
  4. He would pull endless wires in order to meet some man who admired his work and was able and anxious to be of use to him-- and would proceed to make a mortal enemy of him with some idiotic and wholly uncalled-for exhibition of arrogance and bad manners.
  5. a mortal enemy; a mortal attack.
  6. There was not a mortal man in the park.

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