a make-up artist

  • 化装师

a make-up artist的用法和样例:


  1. Make up & hair styling for weddings & all occasions Freelance make up artist in Klang Valley / Selangor / Seremban.
    位于 吉隆坡 ; 雪兰峨 以及 芙蓉 Professional make up & hair do service provided in : 所提供的化妆及造型服务有: - B...
  2. Over the breakfast table,make up artist Andy Lee compliments her on looking oggd on television,for the PSC show.
  3. Ling Luo is not only Lampson's Asian community operative, she is also his Asian community “Make up Artist”-image builder, often helping to write and publish articles and activity photos for Lampson.
  4. They gave me a week to make up my mind.
  5. I was recommended to use it by a HK chanteuse's make up artiste and found out that another TW chanteuse uses the same product.
  6. Laptop was down yesterday so I didn’t manage to post.Sent it in for repair today, was told that it will take a weel to be fixed.Will write a make up post for it soon.
    来看看味道如何.;吃拉面配饺子是我的习惯;乐面屋忠孝店里只有 紫苏饺子 并没有普通口味的饺子所以就点了那个

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