a hefty price

  • 相当高的价格

A hefty price的用法和样例:


  1. The gamut of committees that the bill must pass in the Senate may yet save it, though probably at a hefty price.
  2. And sometimes he even agreed to help out the panicked financier at the other end of the line, but always for a hefty price.
  3. At midnight, despite a hefty price tag, Sony's new Play Station3 goes on sale. Die-hard gamers are prepared to shell out500 dollars or more but retailers warn supplies are tight.
  4. Media reports have suggested that Beijing has softened its demands for a hefty price cut after failing to reach a deal with its major overseas suppliers.
  5. A hefty serving of mashed potatoes; received a hefty bonus.
    一道丰富的土豆泥菜; 得到大量奖金
  6. Interest rates have gone up to a hefty 12%.
    利率已上升至 12%25 之高。

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