a global tour

  • 环球旅行

a global tour的用法和样例:


  1. The event will be part of a global tour promoting her new album Harem .
    事件将是一次全球性游览的一部分促进她的新册页"闺房" 。
  2. International Olympic Committee member Richard Kevan Gosper, who is also chairman of the IOC's press committee, told reporters he was always opposed to a global tour for the flame.
  3. Visiting Hong Kong as part of the Asia-Pacific leg of a global tour to ensure consistency and continuity during the process, Swatland reported that the whole process was going extremely smoothly.
    华信惠悦经典之一 内容简介 WATSON WYATT’S ongoing brand refresh has been given a boost by the recent visit of Washington based Director of Marketing Communications; Ms Lisa Swatland.
  4. RESFEST is a global touring festival exploring the dynamic interplay of film, art, music and design.
  5. Air pollution is a global problem.
  6. Organizers explained that Avril's global tour is so short.

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