a glimpse at

  • ... 的一瞥

a glimpse at的用法和样例:


  1. The fans who hoped for a glimpse at the star were crowding at the door.
  2. Then with the calmest indifference I arranged my collar and tie and took a glimpse at myself.
  3. And you're dead anyway, so I'm giving you a little gift, a glimpse at what your world will become.
  4. Not just pictures of the new Goblet of Fire-themed toys, but we also get a glimpse at a few new pictures from the movie!
  5. Well we can look back at life within the Great Central Sun to get a glimpse at what a state of oneness may be like.
  6. A glimpse at the vice-regal residence reveals a certain Byronic romanticism.It is battlemented, with sham turrets, massive chimney-stacks, and a good deal of carved stone.
    瞥一眼有着佯装炮楼的城垛上矗立着高大的烟囱和许多石雕的总督官邸不难看见它所透露的拜伦风格的浪漫主义精神 。
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