a formal announcement

  • 正式通告

a formal announcement的用法和样例:


  1. I hope that we might wait until April of 1999 to make a formal announcement of this exciting project.
  2. The bid was put to Unesco officials in Paris on October 13th and a formal announcement was made on 14th.
  3. Solskjaer, who joined United from Molde in a ?.5million deal in 1996, is expected to make a formal announcement on Tuesday.
  4. McCain is expected to make a formal announcement shortly at a rally in (the midwestern city of) Dayton, Ohio, ahead of next week's Republican National Convention.
  5. Lei Yi: I also heard the news in 1977, has not started a formal message, and no formal announcement, the grapevine is to begin, we just do not believe that.
    雷颐: 我听到这个消息也是1977年,开始没有正式传达,也没有正式公布,是小道消息,开始大家都不相信。

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