a fine horse

  • 良马

a fine horse的用法和样例:


  1. One day King Philip bought a fine horse.
  2. A fine horse is running fast on the grassy plain.
  3. That's a fine horse; I shan't get a better in a hurry.
  4. That's a fine horse, I couldn't get a better in a hurry.
    这是一匹骏马, 我一时难以找到比它更好的。
  5. Bo Le was both aggrieved and regretful when he saw how such a fine horse was exhausted to its present condition and being used to lug a salt cart.
  6. My dear, you have been buried at Tara, haven't you? The town simply buzzed when Captain Butler came back here with a fine horse and carriage and his pockets full of money, when all the rest of us didn't know where our next meal was coming from.
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