a few short weeks

  • 短短几周

a few short weeks的用法和样例:


  1. Only a few short weeks ago, we shared the glory of man's first sight of the world as God sees it, as a single sphere reflecting light in the darkness.
  2. In a few short weeks you should have a whole host of new titles to impress your friends with and new emotes to amaze the unwashed masses!
  3. Few thought the Catalan could top that moment - but just a few short weeks later he was at it again on one of the greatest nights ever witnessed in Anfield's history.
  4. Adela rested in her bed but in a few short weeks, was completely paralyzed She was brought to the hospital 14 hours away and it was discovered she had a brain tumor.
  5. All creatures that call the north home instinctively know that they only have but a few short weeks to frolic and procreate before the harshness of winter enshrouds them for another long night.

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