a droopy moustache

  • 耷拉着的小胡子

a droopy moustache的用法和样例:


  1. He wore a droopy moustache, and was kind of dark-skinned, with dark hair and dark eyes.
  2. And if the papers don't give reliable information, their readers get all the more panicky," a man in his forties with a drooping moustache observed in a ringing voice.
  3. On a bench opposite Liu Yu-ying two men, one with a drooping moustache and the other with a toothbrush moustache, were conversing in conspiratorial whispers. She recognized the first as Feng Mei-ching's father, Feng Yun-ching.
    前面椅子里有两个小胡子,交头接耳地谈的很入神。 刘玉英望过去,认识那月牙须的男子就是冯眉卿的父亲云卿。
  4. Wu Sun-fu could see the speaker in profile - a long, narrow face with a wispy, drooping moustache.
  5. With his unkempt hair and drooping moustache, he looked much like that other great American pessimist, Mark Twain.

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