a copper mine

  • 铜矿

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  1. A Prelimary study is made of the leaching parameters of a copper mine tailing,and a new method for tailing leaching and copper recovery in the future is proposed.
  2. A bacterial strain NTG-01 which was resistant to 4.5mmol/L Cu2+and 2.0mmol/L Cd2+ was isolated from the soil of a copper mine in DaYe city of Hubei province.
    从湖北省大冶市铜矿区土壤中分离到一株能分别抗4.;5mmol/L Cu~(2+)和2
  3. Abstract: Depending upon the in-situ experiment, field application of air curtain with multi-paral-lel fans as a resistant of airway was conducted in a Copper Mine in Anhui Province.
    摘 要: 采用现场试验的方法,在安徽省某铜矿对多机并联空气幕的增阻作用进行现场试验研究。
  4. A copper coin formerly used in India and Pakistan.
  5. This mountain road leads to the copper mine.
  6. Principles of Safety and Hygiene in a Copper Mine

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