a chest x-ray

  • 胸部X射线照片

a chest X-ray的用法和样例:


  1. Chest X ray realed infiltration in low lobes of lungs.
    胸部X线 4 5例 (83.;7%25 )表现下肺斑片、片絮状阴影或肺纹理粗乱。
  2. Blood tests a chest X?ray and an electrocardiogram may be needed to confirm the diagnosis.
  3. Diffuse small nodular lesions on chest X ray or CT decreased in size within a few months.
  4. Methods:Lung contused wound in 26 cases by clinical diagnosis of CT and chest X ray were comparalively analyzed.
  5. METHODS Retrospective analysis of symptoms,features of chest X ray and diagnostic process of 40 cases with both lung cancer and tuberculosis.
  6. Methods Appearance of lung parenchymal and pleural changes in patients with asbestosis in chest X ray film and CT scanning was compared.
    方法 对19 例石棉肺患者进行胸部X 线和CT 检查, 比较X 线和CT 检查对石棉肺患者肺实质改变和胸膜改变的表现特点和检出结果。

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