a charter plane

  • 包机.

A charter plane的用法和样例:


  1. Every year the prison library received a parcel of books from an unknown sender, which cemented the belief that Bronco had escaped in a charter plane and would still try to help others.
  2. Chinese citizens left Mexico City early Tuesday aboard a chartered plane sent by the Chinese government.
  3. The Associated Press say s captain richard philips has left the US Bainbridge in the port of Mombasa and has boarded a chartered plane.
    美联社说,Richard Phillips船长已离开停泊在肯尼亚蒙巴萨港(port of Mombasa)的美国军舰Bainbridge号,登上一架包机。
  4. More than200 Chinese nationals will be airlifted from trouble-torn Tonga on a chartered plane Thursday, sources with the Chinese Embassy in the Pacific island-state said.
  5. The company was granted a charter trade in the occupied territory.
  6. The Olympic flame, carried in a specially-designed lantern, was flied to Islamabad on a chartered plane from Muscat, the capital and largest city of the Sultanate of Oman.

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