a and m

  • =Agricultural and Mechanical 《农业与机械》(期刊)

A and M的用法和样例:


  1. Erythrocyte associated IgG,A and M were measured by a flow cytometry (FCM).
  2. The number of surviving mice after 4 PID in C group was evidently smaller than that in A and M groups (P<0.05).
    对照组小鼠伤后4 d存活数明显少于抗菌肽组、磺胺米隆组(P<0.;05)。
  3. And 89.8% patients had increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate,85.4% had increased immunoglobulin G,A and M levels.
    患儿血沉增快89.;8%25(44/49例); IgG和/或IgA、IgM升高85
  4. As a means for trading in the capital market, A and M differs from the transaction of commodity and loan of capital.
    企业并购作为资本市场上的一种交易 ,与一般商品买卖或资金拆借不同 ,其内容、形式、过程都较商品市场或资金市场上的交易复杂得多。
  5. Three groups of a and m were gotten from the same data of Huatugou Oilfield in Qinghai by different disposing methods.
  6. This paper discusses a series properties of A and M(r), and also gives some formulas of M(r) for some cases and a method of computing M(r) that is speedy and simple.
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