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  1. Sphedanolestes impressicollis Stal.
  2. The subway dispersed current can corrode the main body reinforcing steel bars and other stal components of subway.
  3. The cry stal of ZSM- 5 zeolite film was characterized by XRD and SEM. The separation fa ctor of this film for single gas,such as H2,N2,CH4,CO2, was measured.
  4. MethodsIn 45 cases of deep vein t hrombosis in the lower extremity, big dose urokinase was administered via the di stal superficial vein of the affected limb.
  5. This laboratory study was made of foraging time allocation by Cyrt- orhinus lividipennis (Reuter) adults to rice plants containing different densities of their prey (Nilaparvata lugens Stal).
    在人工气候室内黑肩绿盲蝽Cyrtorhinous lividipennis(Reuter)褐对飞虱Nilaparvata lugens Stal高密度小区表现出明显的聚集反应。
  6. In this paper is given an example of tabular cry stal of beryl from the Xubaodi ng greisen, which merits a study of IR and Raman spectra and comparisons with tw o prismatic crystal samples of beryl from Xuebaoding quartz vein and Altai pegma tite.
    对产于四川雪宝顶云英岩晶洞中的无色透明板状绿柱石及产于雪宝顶蒲口坡石英脉中的绿柱石进行了红外和拉曼光谱分析 ,并与产于阿尔泰三号伟晶岩脉中的柱状绿柱石进行了比较。
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