• n. 快速启动(微软Vista中的功能名称)



  1. Emd is short for External Memory Device, the working name for ReadyBoost during its development.
  2. Windows ReadyBoost can use storage space on some removable media devices, such as USB flash drives, to speed up your computer.
    Windows ReadyBoost可以使用某些可移动介质设备(如USB闪存驱动器)上的存储空间提高计算机速度。
  3. The recommended amount of memory to use for Windows ReadyBoost acceleration is one to three times the amount of random access memory (RAM) installed in your computer.
    建议用于Windows ReadyBoost加速的内存容量是计算机上安装的随机存取内存(RAM)容量的一至三倍。
  4. If the flash drive is not labeled as compatible with Windows ReadyBoost, check its specifications to see if it is capable of reading and writing data fast enough.
    如果闪存驱动器没有标识为兼容Windows ReadyBoost,请检查其规格以确定是否有足够快的数据读写能力。
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