Finite Strip

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Finite Strip的用法和样例:


  1. The ultimate load of plate girders was analyzed by spline finite strip and plastic hinge method.
  2. In present paper,the author develops a high order finite strip me-thod for plane problems.
  3. On this paper,a stress version of the hybrid finite strip method is establishedand applied to orthotropic and isotropic rectangular plates.
  4. The spline finite strip method, which has a high precision, was adopted to calculate and predict the work roll temperature field and crown.
  5. Based on the finite strip method, th is paper is to analyze the concrete pontoon bridges which have been put into use in some countries, yet remain a gap in china.
  6. In the paper, the thin-walled beam theory has been directly combined with the analytic finite strip technique to derive the elastic governing differentil equations for curved multi-girder bridges by the principle of minimum potential energy.
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