• - (遮断; 阻隔) partition; separate:

    partition a house into rooms; 把房屋隔成若干房间

    Korea and China are separated by only the Yalu River. 朝鲜和中国只隔一条鸭绿江。

    - (间隔; 距离) be at a distance from; after or at an interval of:

    be very far away from each other; 相隔很远

    An interval of a year elapsed before we were able to return. 隔了一年我们才得以返回。

  • - (紧接着的) following; next-door:

    the following day; 隔日

    next-door neighbour 隔邻



  1. 他与世隔绝一个月,力图把功课赶上去。
    He shut himself away for a month to catch up on his academic work.
  2. 我们每人各据一间小小的办公室,与其他人分隔开。
    Each of us is boxed off( from the others)in his own little office.
  3. 分隔物,分界线分界物或分割物,用作分配或分类
    Something, such as a boundary or partition, that serves to divide or keep separate.
  4. 用来分隔或组织计算机程序元素或数据元素的字符或字符串。例如括号、空格符、算术运算符、if(如果)、“BEGIN"等。
    A string of one or more characters used to separate or organize elements of computer programs or data; for example, parentheses, blank character, arithmetic operator, if, "BEGIN".
  5. 铅条一条使铅字的行隔开的细金属条
    A thin strip of metal used to separate lines of type.


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