• - (说) say:

    don't say that; 勿谓

    it may be said that; 可谓

    - (称呼; 叫做) call; name:

    so-called; 所谓

    What is meant by a man-made satellite? 何谓人造卫星?

  • - (意义) meaning; sense:

    no meaning; meaningless 无谓

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wei Zhun 谓准



  1. 她觉得一天走三十英里无所谓。
    She thinks nothing of walking thirty miles a day.
  2. 在喧闹的家中,书房可谓宁静之一隅。
    The study was an oasis of calm in a noisy household.
  3. 这本书可谓是展现过去那个邪恶社会的图画。
    The book gives, as it were, a picture of the evil old society.
  4. 我们应该改进所谓的生活品质。
    We should improve what is called the quality of living.
  5. 什么叫做谓项逻辑语言呢?
    What is the logic of predicates?
  6. 能进能出,能上能下,方谓好汉
    He who knows how to fight and how to retreat deserves to be called a brave man.
  7. 人未盖棺勿谓有福。
    Call no man happy before he is dead.
  8. 这意谓单位在稳定的测定州。
    This means that the unit is in a stable measuring state.
  9. 中庸之谓道。
    Moderation in all things is the best of rules.
  10. 占据一个较大的位置意谓承担较多的危险。
    Taking a larger position means taking more risk.


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