• - (芦苇) reed



  1. 希望是壮汉依靠的一根纤细的芦苇。
    Hope is a slender reed for a stout man to lean on.
  2. 如果你俩轻手轻脚地爬进芦苇丛,一动也不动地趴在那里,也许黑水鸡会带着她的小鸡回来的,这样,你们就可以在离得很近的地方观察这些小动物了。
    If you both creep down to the reeds and then keep still as statues, maybe the moorhen will come back with her chicks and you can see them close up.
  3. 池塘里有些芦苇。
    There are some reeds in the pond.
  4. 你要为自己造一艘方舟,用丝柏木做船架,覆盖上芦苇,再在里外两面涂上树脂。
    Make yourself an ark with ribs of cypress; cover it with reeds and coat it inside and out with pitch.
  5. 20?量四面,四围有墙,长五百苇,宽五百苇,为要分别圣地与俗地。
    He turned to the west side and measured five hundred reeds with the measuring reed.
  6. 一只苇莺正在喂养小杜鹃。
    A reed warbler feeds a baby cuckoo.
  7. “我好不容易与苇特逊谈了,他确认了一切都很正常。
    Whitson and he assured me that everything was perfectly alright.
  8. 这些卵都是粘的,附着在苇根上。
    The eggs are sticky and adhere to the roots.
  9. 下午苇弟也来了。
    Wei comes in the afternoon.
  10. 这风从南面吹过来,从稻秧上苇尖吹过来,水面没有一只船,水像无边的跳荡的水银。
    Theirs was the only boat afloat on this endless expanse of water like rippling quicksilver.


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