1. 几道淡淡的晨曦正在升起,预示新的一天的来临。
    Streaks of faint light were rising, heralding a new day.
  2. 在晨曦中,我们仅能看到群山的轮廓。
    In the early morning light we could just see the dark forms of the mountains.
  3. 我们坐在窗前,看着晨曦的微光。
    We sat before the window watching the paleness of light of dawn.
  4. 黎明的第一缕微曦正照亮这个山谷。
    The first hint of dawn was touching the valley.
  5. 我带来一些坏消息,瑟曦。
    I bring some hard tidings, Cersei.
  6. “今天没人会伤害我。”当清晨的第一缕阳光拂过窗口,瑟曦对自己说。
    "No harm will come to me today, " Cersei said when the day's first light brushed her window.
  7. 恭贺李宪贵夫妇荣升父母,早产三星期的李诺曦重6磅1安士,身长19吋。
    The Pastoral Ordination of Brother Anselm Siao is scheduled on November 26 (Sunday) at 3:30pm.
  8. 我想完整地保存那全部美好无比的景象,以便在晨光微曦之中眼睛一睁开就能重新展现在面前。
    I wanted to preserve the whole of the wonderful vision to be unfolded before my waking eyes in the morning light.
  9. 瑟曦明明知道这些指控都完全属实,却依旧气成这麽样子,真是难以置信。
    It was astonishing to see how angry Cersei could wax over accusations she knew perfectly well to be true.
  10. 我们首次看见赵姗的时候是在‘霭曦国际’的办公室里,她负责联络外国商家,做国际贸易。
    We first see Zhao Shan in the offices of Aixi International where she liaises with foreign businesspeople and is involved with International Trade.


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