• - (面向南时靠东的一边,与右相对) the left side; the left:

    the lower left corner; 左下角

    the left side; 左侧

    - (东) east:

    areas east of the Taihang Mountains, specifically Shandong Province; 山左

    region east of the Yangtze River 江左

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Zuo Zongtang 左宗棠

  • - (偏; 邪; 不正常) unorthodox; queer; bigoted; heretical:

    prejudice; bias; 左见

    a queer temperament; 左脾气

    - (错; 不对头) wrong; incorrect:

    What you said is wrong. 你说左了。

    You're not thinking in the right way.; You've got a wrong idea. 你想左了。

    - (相反) different; contrary; opposite:

    in the opposite direction; 方向相左

    hold different views; cannot see eye to eye 意见相左

    - (进步的; 革命的) the left; progressive; revolutionary:

    the ultra-left trend of thought; 极左思潮

    the progressive writers 左翼作家

  • - (辅佐) assist



  1. 在第二个转弯处向左转。
    Take the second turning on the left.
  2. 他跳远时扭伤了左踝。
    He hurt his left ankle in the broad jump.
  3. 他的左胳膊在一次事故中受伤了。
    His left arm was hurt in an accident.
  4. 向左转,你会找到邮局的。
    Turn to the left and you will find the post.
  5. 战士们攻击敌人的左翼。
    The soldiers attacked the left flank of the enemy.
  6. 他的左膝在一次交通事故中受伤了。
    His left knee was hurt in a traffic accident.
  7. 在英国,车辆必须靠左行驶。
    In England traffic must keep to the left.
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