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    Bo Jie 亳杰



  1. 加入100亳升的0.
    Add 100 ml.0.0125 M sodium oxalate (Na2C2O4) to the solution.
  2. 现在我可以正常的站起来,无困难地回答即席问答的问题。
    Now I regularly stand up and speak off the cuff as a participant in Table Topics.
  3. 如果这是能让我儿子获得自由的唯一方法,我会无顾忌的去做。
    If it was the only way to get my son set free, I would act completely without scruple.
  4. 如果南确实存在,其文化应是漳河型一类先商文化。
    If South Bo indeed existed, its culture should be Zhanghe type culture of the pre Shang culture.
  5. 这是无根据的指责,完全不应出自一名首相之口,因为它不符事实。
    This is a baseless allegation completely unworthy of the Prime Minister as nothing could be further from the truth.
  6. 古井贡酒产于安徽县古井镇,是历史悠久的中国名酒之一。
    Originated in Gujing Town, Boxiang County of Anhui Province, Gu Jing Gong is one of the famous liquors of China with a long history.
  7. 方法采用气相色谱-质谱联用技术分析白芷药材挥发油种类和含量,并与同样方法处理过的川白芷进行比较。
    Methods The essential oil from Angelica dahurica was separated and analysed by GC-MS, and compared with Angelica dahurica from Sichuan.
  8. 汤有三,商初汤仍居东方之亳。
    In Shang dynasty Shang and Bo were two cities and in the reign of King Shang Tang there were three Bo cities and Tang lived in the Eastern Bo.
  9. 由山西、陕西在商贾集资兴建,乾隆年间施以雕刻彩绘。
    Shanxi and Shaanxi merchantsraised money to establish it in Bozhou, and colored drawing wasengraved to it during the period of Emperor Qianlong.
  10. 但假如你向来对武术电影不感兴趣、或是不认识,你会从这里开始爱上中国武术电影!
    However, if you have never been interested in Wuxia films or know nothing about it , nevermind , you will start loving Chinese martial art films from here!
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